Highland Beach Building Department Forms
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Click on the link below to open the form you need.  Please note:  some forms can be completed on screen, then printed. 

Some forms are "Print Blank Form Only" and are so noted.

A notarized signature is required on many forms before they will be accepted by the Building Department.  Call us at 561-278-4540 or e-mail us with questions.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to view these files.  You can download this software at www.adobe.com

Do You Need a Building Permit? (print form only)

Registration Application Form (on screen completion)

Permit Application General Checklist

Building Permit Application (on screen completion)

Notice of Commencement (on screen completion)

Planning Board Application for Site Plan Review (on screen completion)

Construction Lien Law

Qualified Business Information

Temporary Real Estate Signs

New Fees as of December 1, 2006